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Plague Diary Entry #9 - Family Ties

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (Courtesy

Yesterday was another challenging one. I not only felt discouraged, as I had the last week or so, but I also felt physical pain. My stomach was killing me and through the discomfort, I begged my mom to help, which led to us watching a documentary called Bright Lights about actors (and mother and daughter) Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Both were very successful throughout their careers and maintained a close friendship (for the most part) during their lives. This led me to realize just how blessed I was to have the support of my mother just then and throughout COVID-19. Though that may seem like an obvious thing, I think we often forget those. Because they are there all the time, the people who love us most can be dismissed.

Here is the audio of my entry where I explain more about the impact their stories had on me:

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