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Plague Diary Entry #29 - Compulsive Comparison

English romance novelist and actress, Jackie Collins (Courtesy Irish Mirror).

We all compare ourselves to others at some point in our lives, but do it too much for too long and the envy that comes with it could steal your joy. And for a while, that is what happened to Jackie Collins. To be fair, the people around her also made comparisons and pit her against her movie star sister, Joan. Though she struggled with insecurity connected to this constant pressure, she made her own name for herself as a world famous, super successful fiction writer. Her story really resonated with me because it can be so easy to get lost in comparison, especially with social media, but to push through and find your own way in the midst of that mental chaos is wow! Also, before I actually clicked play on the doc where I learnt about her, I was convinced I was going to be watching the life of model Janice Dickinson (oops), but it worked out regardless.


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