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Plague Diary Entry #7 - Fighting for your People

Yaa Asantewaa, the queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire (Courtesy Black Star News).

Today, many are fighting for their voices to be heard and reparations to be made when it comes to the tragic effects of colonialism. Though these battles are mainly held online and through public discourse, there is still an incredible strength that shines through, stemming from a longstanding line of people who have done the same before. One of those people is Yaa Asantewaa (born in 1840), the queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire, which is known as Ghana today. Asantewaa courageously led her people to fight against the British and protect her heritage, and in particular, the Golden Stool (Sika Dwa Kofi). This stool was said to have come down from the sky as a throne for the kings of Asante and host the souls of the nation—living, dead, and yet to pass.

This story was very inspiring to me because it reminded me just how important community, belief, and tradition are for many groups of people throughout history. We live in a time where individualism is the norm, but seeing just how much others were willing to fight for each other is humbling.

Below is the link to Asantewaa's story and my thoughts:

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