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Plague Diary Entry #5 - Destiny and Courage

Anita Garibaldi, hero of Brazil and Italy (Courtesy Agenzia Dire).

As I struggle with keeping faith when it comes to my career, I find comfort in Anita Garibaldi's story. She is a hero to two countries in different continents (Brazil and Italy), who survived a bad marriage, revolutionary battles, and five pregnancies. And throughout all of it, she maintained the belief that destiny would protect her no matter what. Though my life struggles are nothing compared to hers, I feel painfully lost. I don't know which area of journalism I want to be in or how to get there, I don't know how to translate my passion into a career, and I feel like I don't fit in anywhere. Imposter syndrome, my dear friend!

That said, I feel encouraged when I think of Garibaldi's life and hope to carry on the same mentality about mine. To hear more, listen to my audio entry:

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