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Plague Diary Entry #18 - Unfair Judgement

Eugenia Martínez Vallejo (Courtesy Wikipedia).

Nowadays, appearance is everything. Though no one likes to admit that they may judge others based on how they look, it would be ridiculous to see the way our world functions today and not make the claim that people are treated differently because of it. And one of the biggest proof of that? Social media. Not only do we place judgement on others around us because of it, but we have whole websites created almost solely for sharing images/videos of us, which we edit, curate, and even sometimes change our physical bodies for. And with the combination of COVID-19 hitting and beauty standards becoming more and more unrealistic, this whole thing is becoming much more draining. That said, it is not new at all. Eugenia Martínez Vallejo, a young woman born in Spain in the 17th century was bullied for her weight her entire life, including by the courts. I'd like to share the story of her life today and connect it, as best I can, with this decade.

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