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Plague Diary Entry #11 - A Quick Rant

A photo from a lecture I had in university in an AMC theatre at Yonge and Dundas.

I just wanted to quickly add an impromptu post (with images) about my experience with mental health as a Ryerson student, since there was an article in our course material about how journalism students who go there feel about it. In this audio I talk about how difficult it was, but I just want to say here that I did have a great experience overall. This was mainly because I met incredible people (including one of my best friends Poonam), got great opportunities, and learnt a lot about myself and the industry. I also learnt discipline (from a work perspective), which is always a good thing to have! I am very grateful to have been there and now here, at Seneca.

A snapshot of the set up of Mass Exodus, Ryerson's famous fashion show.

One of the projects I did, featuring my best friend Erika.

Graduating with Poonam! Please disregard the PROOF stuff.

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