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Plague Diary Entry #10 - Exploring the Unknown

Travis Walton, the man known for his UFO sighting and abduction (Courtesy Montgomery Media).

On November 5th 1975, Travis Walton was abducted by aliens. Well, allegedly. He and his friends say they witnessed a UFO coming down to earth and taking Walton with them. Five days later (which only felt like a few hours to Walton, so he says) he woke up on a highway and returned to his town to tell the tale. This story is among the most famous involving UFOs and sparked a lot of controversy. Only recently has the U.S. acknowledged similar types of objects and the discourse has changed with it.

As social media expands, people today tend to be more open to strange ideas of the unknown. And with COVID-19 taking over the world (and its many conspiracy theories) this has only grown. For this reason, I've decided to talk about my thoughts on how we approach the unknown, particularly in a post-virus world.

Hear my thoughts:

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