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Plague Diary Entry #1 - Reflecting on Privilege

US Ambassador to Moscow Joseph E. Davies, with his wife Marjorie, before St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, March 30, 1937. (Courtesy AP Photo)

After much debate on how to go about this project, I decided to stick with my passion: history. To me, history is pretty much just an amalgamation of stories, some beyond boring and others incomprehensibly incredible, that have shaped our world today. Throughout these stories (hint: Samuel Pepys), people have gone through countless devastating global crises that at the time, I'm sure, seemed impossible to escape. And having just gone through one, I thought there is no better way to reflect on my experience than to analyze it through the lens of other people who have lived and learned before me. One of them, who I chose for today's entry, is a woman named Marjorie Merriweather Post. She was a wealthy businesswoman, philanthropist, and socialite born in the late 1800s who used her privilege to help others her entire life. Though she was certainly never without means, she lived through very difficult events. The first, was World War 1, followed by her father's suicide, the Great Depression, and World War 2. And each time, she made sure to give her time and money to those who suffered the most. This is the reason I chose her to be my first, because one day I hope to say I lived my life never taking for granted what I have and always putting others first.

Below is the audio link of my first entry, where I talk more about Marjorie and what I have learnt through her during this time.

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