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Plague Diary Entry #20 - Figuring out Feminism

Kishida Toshiko, one of the first Japanese feminists (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons).

I've noticed since COVID-19 began that many more people are debating about big topics online. These topics can range from science to feminism and often, they connect to politics and other beliefs. And because of this, the discussions aren't always very respectful, especially in the comments section. For this reason, I want to talk about my perspectives on this divisiveness and with it, Kishida Toshiko, who was a person that made a positive impact for women in Japan. She talked about daughters being put in boxes (figuratively) and I felt like in many ways, this relates to how women are perceived today. Perhaps the most frustrating and repressive boxes we can be put in are those that no only separate us from freedom and equal treatment, but from others, especially fellow women.

Here is the entry:

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