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Plague Diary Entry #14 - The Importance of Identity

A young Queen Victoria (Courtesy

Somewhat recently, a historian and biographer named A. N. Wilson claimed that Queen Victoria was illegitimate due to her mother's affair with a man named Sir John Conroy, who he alleged was the real father. Though this theory has been debunked by many, it brings about the question of the importance of identity. Yes, she was a royal and that is why this all matters, but why do we care so much in general where people are from? This is something I've been thinking about a lot, not only in a historical context, but also when it comes to myself.

COVID-19 has brought about many changes to our lives, one of which is how we perceive our own identity in the world. For me, it's been difficult trying to figure out who I am in each phase of the pandemic. And now, since things are beginning to open up again and I am no longer the woman I was before the virus started, I am attempting to navigate (daily) the way I see myself both among my close relationships and with the bigger population around me.

For my full thought process on the subject, listen here:

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